6 Essential Gardening Tools for Beginners

There are many pieces of information out there about what you need to be a great gardener. But your success is not about what people think. Some self-proclaimed experts can mislead you to go overboard when purchasing your gardening tools for their reason. The truth is that you will need an array of gardening tools depending on your type of plants and the size of your garden. The rights tools should also be within your budget. You will find many tools on nazflora.org and their FB page that meet your varied gardening needs. Before you buy any of them, assess your requirements to be able to create the right priority list. Some of the essential gardening tools for you as a beginner to consider are: 


There are several types of scissors that you can use. However, as a beginner, you do not have to go for fancy ones. The first thing that you should do is have a clear understanding of why you need a scissor and how to use it. Some current master gardeners began with plain household scissors. You can make them your first choice of gardening tools. Use them to deadhead your snip herbs and flowers. 

Well. We are not saying you do not need a pair of scissors. Many experts believe that real gardeners use heavy-duty garden scissors that have plastic-coated handles, especially during harvesting. You can start with the plain household option but get the essential advanced tools later.


Weeders come in a wide variety of names. The dandelion digger is just one of the common names of these tools. The small devices are great for prying up weeds, especially those with taproots, such as crabgrass.

Weeders are appropriately designed to penetrate the soil. Once that happens, they weed roots from the ground. The narrow and sharp fork points can coax out annual bluegrass surgically, spurge, wood sorrel, and more.

Soil Knife

The soil knife is a must-have because it is versatile, and you can use it in place of several garden tools. When you have it, you may never have to worry about just anything. If you want to plant herbs, flowers, vegetables, or bulbs, use it. Soil knife will also help you to divide plants, remove rocks, cut twine and ties, and open bags. Furthermore, you can use it to cut through rocks, clean out cracks, and much more. As you can see, with a solid knife, you will not need any additional tools as gardening goals. 

Spade or Shovel

If you are required to choose between a spade and a shovel, go for the former. Both of these tools are incredibly useful. And you should be able to own them. However, as a beginner, you may encounter a situation that forces you to choose only one of them. With a spade, you will get pleasant, straight, and clean edges. You can use it for many things as well. Many gardeners prefer to use it to plant, transplant, and slice through tough roots. However, a shovel is not wrong at all. You can also use it to dig holes and scoop the soil. And, many master gardeners think it is the best for doing these functions. The bottom line is that you choose the one that best meets your needs. Whichever option you go for, be sure it has a sharp cutting edge and ergonomic design. 

Gardening Gloves

You also need gardening gloves to protect you. Scratches from thorns and branches can make your knife extremely difficult. Blisters can do the same to you when you least expect it. Buy a heavy-duty pair to protect you from these problems. They are great for digging, pruning, and other demanding tasks. Choose a lightweight option that is coated with a durable rubber or latex, and you will have excellent gripping power. Besides, you will be able to do highly delicate tasks, such as transplanting your seedlings and picking up seeds.


As with many of the other tools, not all rakes will serve your different purposes. If you want one that will fit small spaces, consider a shrub rake. Besides, use big fan rakes to tidy up your garden when you are collecting the debris. Many gardeners use hard rakes to move leaves and mulch. You can also flip it over to be able to use the rake to move soil and compost and smooth out the soil. What’s more, the hard rake can also help you to blend the soil in with the rest of your bed.

Final Thoughts

Many people will tell you what they think you need. But in the end, you should ensure you your favorite gardening tools within your arm’s reach. Whether you are a beginner or not, you must choose the ones that make your digging, growing, pruning, and harvesting enjoyable and comfortable.