Alex James is a young writer who lives in the United Kingdom in Leeds.

A few themes influence his writing more than others, and they are the themes of alienation and empowerment through political conflict and battle. Much of his writing is inspired by asperger syndrome, a form of autism. He believes it is a difference and not a disorder. The struggles his characters face in many ways mirror his own struggles in life; a fight to become something more than somebody with a condition.

The science-fiction and fantasy genre allows him to explore these areas and use it as a canvas for rising from bottom to top; bottom and top being measured in various ways in his stories. In stories a person can be anybody they want. They have to fight for it, but it wouldn’t be a story if they didn’t. In a world where an individual’s actions make more difference, it is easier to appreciate such things as heroism, courage, honour, evil, and harmful actions.

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