The Antpod Faction Blurb

The Antpod Faction – back cover

Antpods crash landed their Ship onto a barren desert world. 97 years later antpod society consists of 120,000 antpods, and is a mass hub of activity, trading, and political diversity.

For ten years a Spy War has raged; where powerful political organisations compete against their rivals in a game of espionage, and carry out ‘hits’ on specific targets. They fight over resource, which is the key to economic supremacy and societal dominance.

But potent forces are at work. The Spy War is coming to an end. A wave of terrorist strikes engulfs the antpod population, and for the first time ‘hits’ lead to the relentless massacre of ordinary civilians. The official Security Force Office struggles to maintain control and to stop these strikes. Terror is everywhere. But are these terror attacks mindless massacres, or is there a hidden motive?

Mase is an eccentric young female antpod who lives in her own apartment. Isolated, confused, and detached from her kind, she decides to seek a new purpose in antpod society. But after a wave of terrorist strikes, she suddenly finds herself a target of powerful political organisations and entities. She is suddenly compelled to work with her family and friends to survive the battleground that society has become. She soon realises that she is no ordinary antpod.

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