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Cora Horton was born to serve Eden. She’s one of hundreds of women created for just that purpose.  And after four years of grueling training as one of the elite Jocale soldiers, she intends to serve Eden well when she joins the military of the parent community of Meridian. But a new assignment near the end of her training changes everything for Cora. She shifts from a warrior gifted with empathic abilities to the promised wife of a Meridian general overnight, robbing her of all she has worked for.

Silas Abernathy is the Commissioner of the Alliance Community of Spero, and the leader of the hunting party that rescues Cora after she makes a daring escape from Meridian. He is strong, commanding and committed to his responsibilities, which include raising his siblings after the deaths of his parents. But Silas can’t deny his attraction to Cora for long. She’s tough, independent and determined, all qualities that jointly frustrate and arouse him.

Jocale is a romance in a dystopian/post-apocalyptic setting that blends sword fighting, steamy lovemaking, the search for identity and the discovery of what’s really important. Cora plots to take the skills embedded in her as a soldier and turn them against those who made her. Both she and Silas learn that their clashes to prove themselves stronger than the other have all been in vain, because in the end, they’re strongest together.

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