I was born in June of 1959 in Seattle, Washington and lived in the town of Mount Lake Terrace.  I grew up with two siblings, a brother and a sister.  In school, I didn't do very well and never excelled at much of anything, except my imagination and his love for reading.  I was given the title "bookworm" in school because I always had my nose in a book.


I could ready fairly well, but didn't know that I had a learning disability that would prevent me from understanding English.  It wasn't until later in life that I discovered that I suffered from Dyslexia, a learning disability that affects millions of people.


I have held many jobs in my young adult life including, cleaning a meat market, pumping gas, carpet cleaning, and apartment maintenance.  When I finally discovered that I suffered from this disability, I decided to better myself and obtain my Bachelor's Degree in Computer Technology, and not only did I manage to graduate but went on to receive my  Masters in Information Systems.


I am now a successful regional technician manager for a large corporation and have decided to pursue a lifelong dream of writing a science fiction book.


My dream came to fruition in July 2012, when I submitted my completed manuscript, which took over a year to write, and received an offer in three days.  Secret of the Crystal is set to be released June 4th 2013.


I now have the book writing bug and have decided to turn this first book into a trilogy.  I have now completed Book 2 Secret of the Crystal: The Forge and has begun work on book 3, Secret of the Crystal: Destiny.


I have been married to my wonderful wife Diana Rose, for over 12 years now and have supported my efforts... without her encouragement; this dream would never have become a reality.  She has three wonderful kids all grown now, and we enjoy our 6 wonderful grandchildren, ages 18 months all the way up to 11 years old, they are Jacob who is the eldest, Amanda, Donita, Carmela, Adam, and Ariyah who is the youngest.  They are so special and great to have around.

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