Top Reasons for the Popularity of Books by Brenda Wynn

There are millions of authors across the world, but only a few of them are making a real impact. The Virginia-born writer, Brenda Wynn, is one of them that have made it to the list of the most creative and highly inspirational writers. While she has authored several books, Silverdream & Bloodfire is the one that has won the admiration of many local and global readers. Brenda knows what her followers want. Read on, and find a detailed list of the things she has done to beat her many competitors.

Descriptive and Imaginary Writing

Brenda’s fancy, science function, and horror books captivate the mind of her readers. If you read her books or the reviews, you will be able to see how she uses the main character, a young, disabled woman known as Amanda, to tell a story based on the mortal world. Her narration will likely catch you off guard. She challenges readers to think about the need to take care of the people who are on wheelchairs.

The author uses Amanda to describe the troubles of that disabled people go through. Despite the discrimination and lack of the necessary resources that this narrator faces, she remains healthy. She goes to school and reports to her part-time job without fail.

I applaud the author, particularly for adequately describing the fascinating world of Elydir. This individual is said to live in the medieval times in a land that is divided among humans, sorcerers, dwarfs, and many other creatures. Overall, Brenda makes us learn an entirely new world. This way, she manages to create a high level of curiosity among her readers. This makes her books to stand out from the crowd.

Creative Book Covers

If you look at the cover of Silverdream and Bloodfire, you will also be inspired and tempted to pick the book up. The design of the dragon leaves a professional touch. What’s more, she uses white space to create focus. Brenda also successfully weaves her narrative into the cover design.

Many authors will urge you to avoid judging their books by their covers. You may say they do not want people to be superficial. But the undeniable reality is that almost all of us rely on covers to determine whether different books are worth our money. Brenda understands this and avoids sad presentations. Through this, she has successfully been able to convince many people to buy and read her books.

Emotional Connection

Brenda is addressing social issues that concern many people. Many relate to her message because she is disabled, just like the character that she uses as her mouthpiece. This author was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. She has had a congenital disability known as spina bifida since then. This means she was born disabled. Thus, Brenda has the ability to articulate these issues properly.

In her own words, Brenda also says she conceived this particular story during her high school days. Her main character, Amanda, is a college student who uses a wheelchair who could not get proper medication attention. As a result, she resorted to several magical spells and rituals. In one way, readers can easily believe that Brenda is using literature to solve practical political and social problems in the community. When readers perceive that she is dealing with their issues, they are enticed to learn from her books.


Books by Brenda Wynn are available on both digital and local libraries. Some great authors remain unknown because they ignore modern technology. Through the Internet, a creative writer can reach the entire world in a few months or weeks. Brenda did not do the same, and her books are now thriving.

The Bottom Line

You now know why the books by Brenda Wynn are many people’s favorite. They address the real needs of the world. Many people do not respect the rights of disabled people. Brenda uses abstract people to speak for these individuals. Besides, she has made the literature pieces easily accessible.

That is not all that the author has done. Many writers present great ideas in the same way but still fail to move the masses. Brenda has used imagery to describe her feelings and thoughts adequately. Moreover, she has designed a captivating book cover. Since most of us are judge books by their covers, her strategy has worked well. Brenda Wynn’s books enable you to learn the basic principles that can help disabled people, their families, and the entire world.

5 Features of the BestBook Covers

If you have heard people say, “Do not judge a book by its cover,” you already know the reason many established authors use only the best book covers. Very few people can pick books that appear unprofessionally written. The Ultimate Fancy Books features some unique and breathtaking book covers. As you can see, almost all of them catch readers’ eyes. Why? Here are the top elements that make these covers and many other successful ones extremely useful.

Eye Grabbing

When you have looked at that book, does its cover suggest that you need to grab it to solve an urgent problem? There are millions of books in the global marketplace. Many of them are available for free on the Internet as well. You will also find others on the streets at discounted rates. This means the best book covers must be able to compete effectively against these millions out there.

The only reliable and convenient ways to do this is to use a professional-graphics design service and focus on a single main compelling idea. Never try to squeeze in every little detail on the front cover. If you do this, you will fail to capture the attention of your potential readers within the first one-to-two seconds.


The successful book covers that you have seen are unique. They are not the same as those of other books in their category. However, they still address topics that the audience can relate with adequately well. Savvy authors do this to appeal to their preconceived notions. But they always ensure their literary works are seen on the shelves as a unique source of information.

How can you achieve this too? Play up what makes your book unique on its front. Use a title and subtitle that make this idea to stand out. This way, you will be able to win the heart of most readers as all they want is to acquire new, helpful information.


You know that hard information alone does not win hearts. Whatever piece of information that you include on the cover must be able to communicate with your potential readers on an emotional level. In other words, your title and the other features should address your audience’ pain points. Let them see that you have been listening to them and have gathered adequate information to address their specific needs. If you do this, they will feel attached to your book and buy it to relate with you more. People cherish loving relationships.

Art and Type

All those best covers that you see on the streets, bookstores, and other places present a perfect marriage of type and art. Copy the same pattern to be successful too. The two features must be well planned. Furthermore, they need to complement each other. The intention of the cover designer should be to form a solid cohesion. But this does not mean that the art should mirror the writings. If this takes place, you may be left with an utterly dull book cover that attracts no one.

Use imagery and suspense as well. Do not attempt to rely on the artwork to tell the whole story. At this point, just awaken the interest of your potential readers. Then leave them wanting to learn more. This thirst will drive them to get some copies of your books.


The choice of your font will also determine the perceived value and quality of your book. Different genres of literature have varied typeface features. For instance, in some places, fonts that authors use for the books on sympathy are not the same for murder mysteries. When deciding on the best book cover, identify these patterns as they evidently have the potential to create the difference between your failure and your success.

The Bottom Line

In order to achieve your goal for writing your own books, pay careful attention to your cover. Perception is reality. If you do shoddy work here, no one will bother to read your outline or open the first page. Remember to appeal to the emotional needs of your readers. Use the right font and be unique. Also, ensure that your book cover is eye-catching and easy to read.

Keep it simple and focus on arousing the curiosity of your audience. Remember to deliver on your promises from the first page to the last to prompt your readers to give you referrals. Readers will always judge your books by their cover. Beat them at this game by putting these five tips into practice.

Comprehensive Features of Steve Cypert Books

Steve Cypert is the second born to amazing parents in California. Given that he was born into the Church of the Latter Day’s faith, this accomplished author engaged in LDS missions for two years at the age of 19. Throughout this entire period, he lived in the northern part of Ohio. He returned home after the service and left for Salt Lake City, Utah, at 24 to try out life independently away from home. More than 20 years later, Steve still dwells in this state. He is now a family man and writes his insightful books in South Jordan, Utah.

As long as Steve can remember, he has always loved to invent creative and far-fetched stories. In the early 2000s, he used his unique writing skills to complete a famous poem called “Pirate and Captain.” And a little later, he wrote a poem known as “Port of Errors.” He eventually wrote the “Scapemaker” and “Biggle and Bee.”

Of all his works, the last two have made the most significant impact on the world. If you want to explore Steve’s expertise, read on for a brief review of these great literary works.


Steve V. Cypert first named this book “The Son of Nicholas Namely.” However, he changed the title soon after that. Today, when you go online, look for “Scapemaker,” and not the other one.

 Steve properly uses suspense to keep his readers guessing and wanting to gather more information. Also, he makes his audience profoundly grounded in the real world and also sees the happenings in the thriving fantastical world.

For Steve to achieve this goal, he creates an abstract high school teacher named Nicholas with his son Mathew and others. The young man does not know that his father is a dreamscaper. Not only that but also Mathew is ignorant that his parent’s class is connected to the dream-world.

After a short while, a series of tragic events begin to take place. This prompts the son to launch an investigation to unveil the mysteries behind these happenings. It is at this stage that this man finds himself in a completely unfamiliar world.

Mathew and his mother, Mae, are forced to travel everywhere to look for a solution to the older man’s strange medical needs. He also reports to a new school where one of his female colleagues introduces him into dreamscaping and spiritual solutions he never knew before. This saves him. He likely suggests that the present generation needs unique solutions. Resposible parenting can prevent many similar issues.

As you see, Steve uses his religious background to inspire his readers and make them remain grounded in the real world. At the same time, he makes the fantastical world enduring.

Biggle and Bee

Steve wrote this novel as he waited for the first Scapemaker edit. From it, you can see that Steve has a particular concern for the affairs of children. This book, Biggle and Bee, offers children a great moral message.

Steve uses an abstract inexperienced young character known as Biggle. This guy starts a journey and eventually finds himself walking alone in the wilderness. Before long, he meets a newly hatched gosling, Bee, which a sly old fox had taken and safely stored in the ground. This experience teaches Biggle an essential lesson on forgiveness. He argues that the parents of Bee were blind and deserve their son’s mercy.

Biggle resolves to escort Bee back to his parents despite the possible dangers on the way. As they walk, define a bully as irresponsible people who need to be helped to understand real life.

In this story, Steve teaches children to expect challenges. However, they must love all, be self-confident always, and solve their problems without fear.

What About Book Covers?

 Other than the inspiring stories of love, the strength of character, and self-confidence that characterizes all the books of Steve, the book covers also make them outstanding. If you consider the ‘Scapermaker,” you realize that its designer uses an appealing image of a hidden head of a person.                                          

The illuminating color also makes a professional impact. In all, one gets a feeling that the book is about a fantastic story and lots of extraordinary discoveries. This way, the writings of Steve, including the Port of Errors, can attract any curious readers.

The Bottom Line

If you have never read any book by Steve V. Cypert, you can try “Scapemaker,” Biggle and Bee, or any other. You will see his strong character. This author appears to uphold strong moral values. And this likely point to his early religious upbringing. He endeavors to entertain and educate his readers without compromise.