Born in Aylesbury during the 1970s, Charles spent much of his childhood immersed in the gangrenous industrial decay of a dying postwar world. The locations for Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange, many of Hammer’s gothic tales and the leafy facade of a secret wartime intelligence world were the perfect environment for a synthpop kid with an author’s imagination. 
Although the novelist’s gene was always somewhere in his system, it didn’t really show itself until Charles woke up one day and realised that the supernatural stories he’d always admired had somehow atrophied into a self-parodying procession of botox soap operas with sharp teeth. Frustrated at the lack of originality within an increasingly introspective genre, Charles finally rolled up his sleeves and set to work. His first novel, Section 12, was well received and continues to delight new readers with its genre- defying storyline. Building on that success, Charles is proud to present The Cronus Equation, a dark yet highly readable continuation of the Section 12 story. 

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