August 4th 1944 In a time of total war, just how valuable is a man whose sleeping mind can roam unchallenged through the enemy’s most secretive sites? One seemingly ordinary GI is about to find out exactly how valuable, and vulnerable he can be when he closes his eyes at night. 

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There’s a shadow the tunnels…and it’s the stuff of nightmares! 
Only one man can help…but he’s gone missing. 
December 20th 1944 -- As London shivers through another dreary winter of war, an ill-defined dread stalks the city’s fitful sleepers in their subterranean shelters. A dark phantom moves unseen amidst that warm, slumbering huddle of humanity, its true purpose hidden. Although the ghost of the Underground is just a bad dream for most, some within the intelligence community have read the secret Section 12 reports and fear the worst. They know they need help fast. Above ground, out in the cold, a fugitive with a vanishing past and an uncertain future stumbles blindly through the swirling smog. Listed as a deserter by the authorities and hunted by half of London’s shady underworld, Sergeant Jacob Small is the last reliable remote viewer available to Allied intelligence. They will track him down at any cost. Jake desperately wants to disappear, and an unlikely alliance between a dying priest and an influential gangster might just provide that chance. All he has do is employ his unique talents to support a daring and unlikely raid and he’s home free. However, the thing in the tunnels casts a long shadow, and it has a different, darker design for priests, gangsters and fugitives.  
“A half-remembered dream, or that fleeting movement in the corner of your eye when you wake are simply the shadows of wonders and terrors left far behind, but not fully forgotten by our modern minds.” Charles Naton  
“It’s my mission to produce high quality, genre busting fiction for those who wait impatiently at the crossroads of John le Carré and James Herbert.” Charles Naton   
The Cronus Equation is his second novel. (Cortlandt Publications, 2015, ISBN 9780993310324, £11.99/$13.99). Available from or from 9th May 2016. 
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