1. How did you get started in writing?
My first attempt was while I was still in my teens. It didn’t go
anywhere and looking back, that’s probably a good thing. Anyhow,
after that, life just kinda happened to me and it’s only been in the last
few years that I’ve been able to give my writing the attention that’s
been so lacking for so long.
As to where the drive and desire to write actually comes from, I have
absolutely no idea. It just is, and I have to accept that.

2. Who is your favorite character?
One of the characters who left a lasting impression of me is Michael
Caine’s depiction of Milo Tindle from the 1972 film of Sleuth, adapted
from Anthony Schaffer’s extraordinary stage play of the same name.
The movie is a masterclass in the tricky art of dialogue writing and
character motivation, lasting over two hours and involving only three
characters moving around a single house.
The character of Tindle brilliantly explores the heights and depths to
which an ordinary man might fly or sink, having passed beyond fear,
regret and self-doubt.
“Then I heard the sound of my own death, and that changes you…”

3. Who is your favorite author?
Oddly enough, this is the hardest question for me to answer as I don't
really have a particular favorite. Many authors stand out, but for
different reasons. I like the very human cynicism of James Herbert just
as much as I enjoy the grounded mysticism of Dean Koontz.
Lovecraft's fevered imagination and Barker's shadowy flights of fancy
have also left their mark. I suppose special mentions must also go to
the likes of Wheatley, Blavatsky, Mathers and Regardie; without them
my present project would not be possible.

4. When do you usually write?
I tend to write in the mornings, otherwise the distractions creep in and
it doesn’t get done. Life’s like that.

5. Do you listen to music while writing? If so what?
I’m a big music fan, mostly rock and alternative stuff, but I’m firmly in
the quiet camp when it comes to writing. I’ve tried all kinds of
background filler while I’m working, but I just find myself
concentrating on the music rather than the page in front of me.

6. What books have most influenced your life?
I started reading James Herbert quite early on, and was drawn to his
more supernatural work than his regular splatter horror. Stories like
Shrine, The Survivor and especially Sepulchre have really stuck in my
mind. H.P. Lovecraft has also been a big influence; again, tales like
From Beyond and the Shadow out of Time have left a bigger
impression on me than a hundred buckets of grisly gore. I guess that's
what I'm about now.

7. What are you passionate about these days?
What I’m most passionate about is raising the standard and
challenging the conventions of fiction genres that disingenuously claim
to resist them. Readers and audiences deserve better than to have
their intelligence insulted by the next truckload of Twilight mush,
masquerading as new territory while never daring to actually step off
the reservation. Away with them!

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