Christina Belcher


Reach for the moon, because even if you miss, you will be among Stars!!!

Hi! My name is Christina Smith Belcher and I am a HUGE fan of paranormal and paranormal romance.  I have always dreamed of writing but I never felt confident enough to pursue that desire.  Many years ago I attempted my first publication and now I am coming back and throwing all I can into this dream.

I love coming up with crazy creatures, characters, and ideas.  My second love is actually reading.  I soak up books like a sponge and my husband has accused me of being a ‘speed-reader’ and has actually timed me while I was engrossed in my Kindle Fire…11 seconds per page!  If I had a paperback at the time, I would have thrown it at him…giggles.

I was born and raised in the heart of North Carolina and always appreciate trips to the mountains or in the opposite direction to the coast.  My days are filled with writing, my family, my husband of 20 years and my two beautiful daughters, oh wait! and our cat!


The Bzou Curse


Thelcradia, once a joyish and thriving kingdom, has now succumbed to darkness and despair.  Dark magic and the curse of a werewolf envelope Thorus, the King’s twin brother, while at the same time affecting an innocent village girl, Riahder.

A betrayed and rightful King, Thorus is thrust into darkness.  An innocent girl, Riahder, is just discovering her powers of white-magic.  They are forced to journey on a dangerous quest in search of a rare item that can save the kingdom and themselves.Will they succeed in their quest?  Will a spark ignite between them or will Thorus succumb to the darkness he continues to battle?