About the Author:

 Dante Craddock is a pen name I have chosen as a writer, but who is Dante Craddock you may ask?  He is a writer of Paranormal Love Stories.  In his name lies the secret of his existence.  It is for you the reader to discover this secret.  What is Dante Craddock?

I write Love Stories, but not ordinary everyday Love Stories.  The Love Stories I write are about the magic that is love.  A magic that flows between two people in love.  For when two people fall in love they create a magic that is all their own.  Magic that has the power to do incredible, unexplainable things.  In the Power of Love Trilogy I explore this magic.  I will show you that the power of love is timeless in A Love Beyond Time.  I will show you that what is lost can be regained in Memories of Love.  In Believing is Seeing I will show you that you must truly believe in the magic of love in order to see it in all of its majesty.

Where can we find you?

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