A few reviews

The King’s Ransom is the hoped for sequel to her first novel, The Lost King. In it Devorah Fox continues the lost king’s quest to restore his kingdom. We see and feel the fantasy medieval world he inhabits and share his thoughts. All of his senses are so richly articulated that his perils become the readers, his revelations ours as well. Look at the world through the eyes of a king— a lost king. The King's Ransom will not disappoint fans of her first novel—indeed this one is even better! — Mike Green

King Bewilliam for President!—Alan White

Often I have found sequels to books I favor as a let-down. In this case, I think your writing is even better!... I loved the seafaring section and your sea monster —especially when deep fried! All of the sea story was so vivid in description that all I could think was “made for the movies.”—Alice Marks

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