It's Soul Eaters vs. Vampires -- The afterlife bites. Hard.

Death, like love, has many subtle and varied layers. 
    Lost spirit Tamsin West learned that the hard way after a group of Soul Eaters sliced up her soul like birthday cake and doomed her to dust. Only dust is not really the end. Spiritually speaking. By finding a body at the point of death, Tamsin can live again. Live to hunt her killers. 
     There's just one catch: that body can have no soul.
    Jumping into the body of a murdered royal Prime Vampire is everything a lost spirit on the vengeance trail could hope for. Princess Angelique Duprey, make that ex-Princess, has all the occult strength of the Damned plus a Prime's ability to manipulate the earth's elements. 
    Just the sort of edge Tamsin needs to track a murderous band of Soul Eaters. Unfortunately, as a person, the Princess' only power seems to have been to piss people off. Dangerous people. The kind looking to start a lethal turf war with the Prime's clan for a cut of Chicago's Dark Side. 
    Reanimating the body puts Tamsin right in the line of fire. But paranormal politics won't matter much if she can't convince the handsome Fae Hunter holding a knife to the Vamp's throat not to kill her all over again. 

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Welcome to the most exclusive Club in the world! 

Fear Club is everything you've ever wanted. 

Red Carpet popularity, VIP lounges, and Celebrity Swag Bags? You've got it. A little payback cruelty and torture for the Cool Kids at school? We can arrange that. Murder on your mind? How fun! It can be a group project. We'll be the best friends you've never had. 

Live the life you only dared to dream. Surrender your doubts and join now! Membership dues are so, so simple: Your soul on demand. That's it. One time payment only. Don't wait. Text FEAR666 now! We're dying to meet you. Or, is that the other way around? XOXO

Trailing along behind her father's Gucci luggage, American teenager Lexie Carpenter comes to Tokyo in another move by the globe-trotting super executive. Isolated at her new school by a cruel clique of girls, Lexie is drawn to an ad online for an international friendship club. The Club. Welcoming, beautiful, sophisticated. Her new friends are everything she has always wanted. Too bad she doesn't know there's more behind those sparkling smiles than perfect teeth. 
   Lexie's life fills up with A-list parties and Italian-accented romance. It's all good, in fact it's great  – until it isn't. Her friends are monsters and they want her soul. 
    Betrayed and left for dead, her soul divided into three pieces as prizes in the Club's occult lottery, Lexie is resurrected by a silver-haired, green-eyed young sorcerer, Julian Lake. How ironic that he is a monster as well and may want to kill her himself. 
   Death has only been postponed if she can't find the Soul Eaters and put this broken girl back together. Lexie has no choice but join forces with the enigmatic sorcerer as she claws her way up the supernatural food chain. 
    On the way, she collects an odd assortment of allies including a massive and slightly slobbery Shadow Hound with a taste for human flesh;  a world famous rock singer who also happens to be a magical half-Daemon (that's a secret) and gorgeous (that's not) and a very good kisser (that's only a secret from the sorcerer);  plus two handsome Japanese brothers who happen to be kami, god-like spirits of earth and air who tell her she isn't even human. How is that helping?
   Lexie's paranormal learning curve gets slippery with the blood of demons, goblins and the damned. The sorcerer is looking more and more dangerous but at the same time strangely attractive – which is just so wrong! And in the battle for the return of the first piece of her soul, Lexie learns the betrayals go much deeper than she could have imagined. 
     Blood deep.
   Eleventh grade was supposed to be a tough year, but who thought it could be fatal? 

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Evangeline Grace loved her job as a vice detective, men, sex, and Happy Hour – though not necessarily in that order. 
  Then she was murdered. 
   Now she's an earthbound Avenging Angel and not that much has changed. Which is a good thing. The flaming sword, awesome powers, white wings and a Celestial Mandate to avenge the innocent, she can handle. 
     Abstinence, not so well.
     Cowboy-turned-Reaper, Nathan 'Trick' McKitrick, had his own reasons for selling his soul. Reasons that seemed good at the time. Not so much after more than a century of servitude to a dark demon lord. Now he's been given the chance to get out of the contract. Freedom so close he can taste it.
      Just one last, dirty job.

     At a West Hollywood bar, mix one part heavenly righteousness with a tall shot of hellfire and there's going to be the devil to pay.
     Maybe literally. 
    Trick is everything Evie was looking for in life -- and the afterlife. Too bad the Celestials have ordered her to destroy him to avenge innocents murdered in the theft of a powerful supernatural relic. 
    Despite her best efforts at smiting,  things just keep getting in the way.     
    Little things.
    Like Voodoo King mojo, a Guardian Angel in a robbery gone bad, airport motel mayhem, an assortment of LA wizards and Trick's naked body. 
   Oh yeah, his body definitely keeps getting in the way. Damn it. 
Then there's the problem of the Fallen Angel who apparently has murderous plans for them both.
     Her Avenging Angel's duty is to execute the handsome and very dangerous Reaper. 
   And orders are orders. 
    Most of the time. 
    Oh, all right, all right, some of the time.    
   Evie's never been very good at following the chain of command, which is probably what got her killed in the first place. 
   There's just something about Trick. A light beneath the darkness that stays her hand every time she knows she should strike.
     Does he feel the same? Or is the Reaper setting her up for a fall? A fall into the dark night from which, this time, there will be no return. 

Adult themes and language.

Where can I purchase this book?

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