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This book draws you in from the first page. It starts off with preparations for a great battle in heaven and continues completely through with battles on earth. Charmeine and Tabbruis were made for each other in heaven and when they are separated for hundreds of years, with no memory of who or what they are, their mission looks pretty grim. But you will learn that where there is love, there is always the strength to go on.There is no down time in this story. There are no long bouts of filler information. This book is pure raw adrenaline from start to finish! So well written that at times I felt unable to breathe during some of the fights. It's heart wrenching at times and at others you will be so filled with joy that you think you really might burst. It's about fighting for and trusting the person you love no matter the consequences. It's about the belief that time nor space could ever separate two people who are meant to be. I loved that their road was far from easy and at times it would have been easier to just give up but they never did. I will definitely be waiting for the second installment, " Ransom " when it is released.

Move over Edward, there’s a new player in town called Tabbruis.

Emily Guido, a new Paranormal / vampire Author. She discovered me on wordblogg and I followed her on wordblogg, twitter, facebook you name it. She wrote a 100.000! word novel in 1 week!!!! Called Charmeine. I read her book in 1 week!!!

At first a little skeptical, an Angel as vampire? But that also intrigued me. I’m a sucker for original vampire love stories. And I must say I absoluty loved it!!!!!

Combine Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Cas from supernatural and you have Tabbruis a Blood Hunter from Hell. Who roamed the earth searching for the one thing he missed in his live, love. But, as a Blood Hunter he also has enemies, the Light-Bearers. Their quest is to destroy the Blood Hunters and protect the humans.

And then you have Charmeine, a lovely teacher who lost her memory and struggles through live. Until she meets that dark handsome strangers who rescues her from a blood hunter attack, or is it the other way around?

Needless to say that the stranger is Tabbruis and they fall hopelessly in love with each other. And then things move fast. Charmeine discovers she’s a light bearer and thus she and her love Tabbruis are sworn enemies. They fight for their love, their family and discover their past together in heaven. Will they succeed? I won’t tell. You have so read for yourself and it’s a good read.

Like I said, I couldn’t stop reading and it took me about 4 days to read the whole book. And I can’t wait till Emily’s next novel Ransom, due in May 2012. Thankfully I won’t have to wait so long. She is a great debut author whom we will be hearing much more of. She writes funny, fast and fantastic and I give this book and 8 out of 10, or 4 out of 5 stars. As you like it. All I can say is read this book, follow Emily Guido and spread the word!

OMGosh I am loving this first installment immensely! Emily has created a world of LOVE going so deep, the hardcore romantic within me can totally feel the characters emotions.Thank you Emily Guido for following your heart and writing his beautiful story and for allowing me the privilege to Read~N~Review it.

This book spans from Heaven to Romania, it is filled with emotions that will make you laugh, cry, and feel all of it right along with the characters. I was so upset at one point I wanted to throw my phone across the room saying, "OH NO, she did NOT just do that."
The characters and their backgrounds are amazingly portrayed in this uniquely refreshing story.

The world created is original, breathtaking and consistent. Imagine yourself on a secluded beach on the Black Sea with your soul mate, or being in the middle of a battle between good and evil. It is chock full of tasteful romance and tenderness. 

I recommend this read to anyone who wants a truly amazing read.

LOVE is deep and if you believe with all your heart, mind, body, and spirit anything is possible. I want my own Tabbruis!! 

5 out of 5 Hearts
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