Glenda Reynolds

Book: Goddess of the Moon: Mayan World of Vampires


 Mayan World of Vampires vol. 1 – the first book in a young adult paranormal romance series Goddess of the Moon. In the Yucatan jungle a new evil lurks in the shadows. The Dark One known as Zafrina deceives the people of Coba into thinking that if they refuse the ritual of human sacrifice, that they will perish by drought and famine. Zafrina and her vampire horde known as the Ancients take over the city of Coba with plans to drain it dry like all the other places around the world that they have inhabited. All this enfolds as Princess Melanna comes of age, falls in love and answers the call to join the resistance to fulfill the prophecy that she would overthrow the vampire reign of Zafrina and her Ancients. 
Tez was also a victim of Zafrina. But he now wants to end the one who made him an immortal. He finds himself bound by a promise to become a lifelong protector of Melanna and falls in love with her. Together they face their enemies in a battle for the human race. 

While the story is descriptive of the jungles of the Yucatan and its inhabitants, you see the relationships of a young woman who is detached from her family and seeks solace in her surrogate mother, her friends and her vampire boyfriend. It is ultimately about a young woman who overcomes adversity on several levels as we see her transform into the heroine and victor over fantastical odds. The jungle comes alive in this tale of good versus the ultimate evil in a time before the Spanish conquest of the Yucatan.