Book Synopsis

The Confederation of Man has overseen the prosperous expansion of humanity for centuries, with the Confederation Fleet its bulwark against all that would harm it. This shield is flawed, however, with a schism between the Line and Carrier factions threatening its ability to protect mankind against internal dissent and the possibility of external threats. In the year 3050, Fleet Admiral Malinverni has designed the battlecruiser Constitution to merge the best of both factions in the hope of forging a better future. Considered a flawed concept by all but those who serve aboard her, the Constitution is unexpectedly called upon to save the passenger liner Titanic from a new and pressing threat. 

An Unproven Concept is based upon the short story "On Their Behalf," a quarterfinalist (3 / 2004) in the "L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future" Science Fiction Contest. Combining angry aliens, mecha, and railguns in one fast-paced package, it is intended for fans who like their science fiction without hero shields and their protagonists mortal. It is a sequel to the short story "Ride of the Late Rain," itself an L. Ron Hubbard Honorable Mention that established the Vergassy Chronicles universe. 

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