Victoria Valentine is the publisher of Skyline Publications which she created in September, 2001. Skyline publishes multiple titles including Skyline Review, A Hudson View Poetry Digest, & Literary House Review. Victoria writes short story fiction, novels and poetry. She has also written lyrics for five songs included on the Eyes of Ash CD performed by The Unintended of NY. Victoria resides in New York. She has been published online and in print magazines in the USA, UK, France, India, and in South Africa. Born in January, she also writes romance under the name of January Valentine. Victoria is the publisher and one of the editors of Water Forest Press and Night Wind Publishing houses, which she founded in 2007. WFP and NWP publish novels, novellas and poetry collections. Caught between two worlds, Victoria has the ink of a publisher in her blood, as well as the imagination and aspirations of a writer & poet. In 2007, Victoria published her first children’s book, The Cutest Little Duckie, a fully illustrated, 80 page color novella (2007). A sequel is forthcoming. Victoria created and maintains a number of literary websites: main site, Links to her other websites can be found on Skyline Magazine. Her own books include: Worn but not Broken (stories/poetry 2011), Love Dreams (a romance novel) forthcoming, At the Stroke of Midnight, 24 tales of terror. (2002), Desert Noon (passionate poetry/prose, 2011).

Other imprints developed by Victoria are Water Forest Press and Night Wind Publishing, book publishing. 

Victoria resides in New York, USA.  She has been writing since childhood and through the years has gathered various literary and art credits.  She has been published online and in print magazines in the USA, UK, France, India, and in South Africa. Recent interview with Amibath Mitra @  Victoria is the author of five books. My Blog, where I've recently started publishing author interviews and poetry book reviews. Away With Words   My personal website:

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