She didn’t have a name… 
She has lived alone her entire life. Her only companions are the statues she carves and the mysterious man who haunts her dreams. One day, a handsome, golden, angry man suddenly appears on her island…

He was death. Literally…

Thanatos, one of the oldest and most powerful death gods, has secluded himself from anything that will cause emotion. Emotion equals a lack of control, and lack of control means thousands of untimely deaths. He lives alone on his ranch in the Underworld, but when a battered, bloody woman is found unconscious in his high-strung stallion’s stall, he has no choice but to obey the call of her swirling emerald eyes.

A secret worth killing for…
Two Gods band together to destroy Thanatos’s mysterious house guest. Thanatos must keep her safe, and also find a way to resist her warm and honest personality. Just who is his mystifying companion?

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