In the depths of half-human, half-unknown, twenty-year-old, Summer Keese’s mind, the walls are beginning to crack....

I must be going mad. When my twin sister dies, my whole life begins to unravel in ways I never could have dreamed. A crazy lady ranting in my head, blood-drinking ghouls, a psychotic cult demanding I channel some powerful objects, dangerous men who want to control me.... Total insanity, right? Except, it’s all real.

Then I meet him. Black. Tall, handsome, godlike. The man harbors sinister secrets and lives by his own set of rules—rules I can't begin to comprehend. One minute, he seems to want to save me. The next, I swear he's going to bury me six-foot under. Why can't he just tell me what's really going on?

While searching for my sister's killer in a seedy part of Glasgow, I discover nothing about my life is what it seems. Family secrets, betrayal. Emotions running hot, I make some seriously bad choices. And with the heart of Scotland becoming a paranormal battlefield, I have to wonder.... When did staying alive get so damn hard?

Review 1):
A few posts ago, I mentioned that I totally judge books by their covers. Chance the Darkness was no different. The minute I saw the cover, I knew I had to read this book.

Just look at it. It's gorgeous!

My theory proved right yet again. This book has got everything I long for in a good story. Great plot. Strong female lead. Mystery. Rituals. I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

L.A. Wild's strength lies in her use of description. Her prose is strong and her imagery in the scenes that play out in Summer Keese's mind make you question reality right along with Summer. And as you cheer for her? As you stand up and say 'get 'em'? You're wondering just who - and what - you are cheering for. 

The problem with this read is that you will want to sit down and finish it in one sitting. Which was a problem for me since I was at my day job when I first started reading it. Whenever I would finish a chapter, or have to put the book down, I kept going back over what I'd just read in my head trying to piece together the parts I'd read while trying to figure out what to expect when I picked it back up again.

Bottom line is this: Chance the Darkness was like crack to the detective in me. I felt Summer's madness...and her action scenes were amazing. When I reached the last page, I knew I'd be signing up for book two.

Review 2)

This epic and thought provoking masterpiece by author by L.A. Wild is a deliberate distortion of reality told in the main character Summer Keese's point of view. Rare is the book in the last half hour of reading it at the end, that it surprises you just as much as the beginning and in ways you can't imagine or expect. 

The character Summer goes through a range of emotions and surrealism. it's like being witness to a character study of the psychosis of a troubled mind going through the variations of her psyche as if they were portals to alternative universes, especially when she reads minds and enters other people's psyche's giving us very descriptive mental pictures that takes the reader through more vehement plot twists as the story continues to unfold. 

Wild's writing is so extremely descriptive and so extremely detailed that it holds on its own an intensity defining a unique and intricate labyrinth engaging the reader in a philosophical mindset of what is reality really, what is real and what is actually erroneous and what is theoretical perspective. Very engaging, intuitive, insightful and in depth read. I highly recommend this book. Bravo! 

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