When asked about her inspiration to become an author, Wild says,

“There was literally no room inside my head for any more stories. Writing was the only way to create space.” – L.A. Wild

While she was creating head space, Wild created her recently published book “Chance the Darkness”, which is the first of the “Dark Series”.

Having always enjoyed writing urban fantasy, Wild has also written romance and short horror stories.  It’s not surprising, then, that Wild enjoys reading romance and is also enthralled by the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child.  In fact, Wild says she can’t wait for the new Jack Reacher book “Make Me”, which will be released in September of 2015.  Wild loves the experience of being able to “unclip the tight leash keeping my imagination chained to a lamp post,” and exploring a world of unknowns within her imagination.


Requiring a vivid imagination for all things urban fantasy, Wild describes the life of a half-human, half-unknown twenty year old named Summer Keese in her book “Chance the Darkness”.  While Summer Keese searches for her twin sister’s killer in Glasgow, she discovers family betrayals and disappointments after meeting a God-like man who lives by his own set of rules.  An intriguing plot, Wild says that “anything and everything” inspires her writing.  Watch out, if you’re on the train with her you might end up in her next book!

Karen Chance, another urban fantasy writer from Orlando, Florida, is Wild’s choice for a mentor.  In fact, Chance’s work was the inspiration behind the name of Wild’s first book in the series, “Chance the Darkness”.  Echoing many writers’ opinions of advice for up and coming writers, Wild says, “My advice to new writers is to read, read, read, write, write, write!”

If you’d like to catch L.A. Wild’s work, visithttps://www.facebook.com/L.A.Wild.TheDarkSeries or Twitter @TheDarkSeries.


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