Laurel A. Rockefeller was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. A
natural singer-songwriter from an early age, Laurel's interest in
physics and astronomy were inspired by both early visits to Lincoln's
Hyde observatory and by the 1977 release of George Lucas's "Star Wars"
which caught her imagination alongside with Arthurian legends and
medieval songs and tales. During her freshman year at the University
of Nebraska, Laurel discovered the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, inspiring
her to write her sonnet "Why Bilbo?" which the American Tolkien
Society published in 1991. More publications followed as Laurel's
skill for writing increased with her education and life experience.
Today, Laurel is mostly known for her non-fiction work, particularly
for Yahoo Voices where she is published on everything from history,
science, politics, and religion, to reviews on everything from movies
to the best places to find great food and wine. The Peers of Beinan is
Laurel's first science fiction series.

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