"If there is ever any one thing that I would have you remember I said, it would be what I am about to say to you right now . . . Elhrin, believe in who you are--reach deep within and tap into a power that far exceeds the limits you have placed on yourself."

Elhrin Caddoch, a sheltered young lady with rare magical abilities, didn't ask for the life that was forced on her after the day her mentor, Gryphon Idwyr, was killed by mysterious beasts on the banks of the Green River. She didn't ask for it, certainly didn't want it, but what was she supposed to do? The bizarre, yet real-feeling dreams of her late mentor had started and he kept insisting that she was the only one who could help stop an impending war planned by the dark god of Do'athra, Obsudius. At first she dismisses her dream, brushing aside the unrealistic thought that a god was actively trying to destroy her country and that she, a mere girl with amateur magical powers, was expected to fight against his evil designs. But then, when reports of a sudden appearance of an army outside the town of Blackridge followed by a second attack on her village from those same horrible beasts confirm the contents of her dream, she begins to waiver. Are her dreams real? Was her mentor truly talking to her from beyond the grave and she was going to have to face a destiny he says she must fulfill in order for her country to survive? Or could she ignore the dreams and leave Anderan's fate in the capable hands of her king and his army?

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