Christine rated it 5 of 5 stars

This was really a great read. Very well written - I felt every emotion right along with these characters. Everything from the anticipation of a first kiss, to the heartbreak of someone beloved's death. 

I was a little wary, because reading fantasy is a bit out of my "typical" genre, but there was no need. I expected to be overwhelmed with all of the people, places, gods, etc. I figured I'd be confused who was on which side. That totally was not the case. The author spends the perfect amount of time giving descriptions and introductions, and it was done so subtley, you never even realized that you were being given the boring details of who they all are and where they stand.

I found myself invested in Elhrin's success in her quest, and was picking up the book any free minute I had (10 minutes here or there while dinner was in the oven!). I wrestled with reading a bit slower towards the end, because I wanted it to last. Excellent book, and I will be waiting for the second in the series to come out. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this bunch!

Tamra LeValley

Jul 29, 2013Tamra LeValley rated it 4 of 5 stars

I am really surprised at how good this book was. 

A girl with special powers is raised by her mentor who is killed before she can learn all that is needed to save their world. She goes on the quest anyway with what family she has left and takes on the challenge.

The author did a wonderful job on writing the characters in this book. Each one was unique and not over written. She left enough to the imagination of the reader to fill in the gaps as needed. The plot was pretty typical, good side/bad side. There was enough action to keep me enthralled and the subplot(s) were written in at all the appropriate slots and times.

Overall, one of the better fantasy novels I have read.

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