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 LL Watkin is an abbreviation of Liz & Louise. We're sisters living near Newcastle, UK. We both went to University at Durham, we're both now accountants and we house share. If that's not scary enough, we co-author and we don't always remember who wrote what. It started when we were kids stringing together stories by taking turns to add a sentence, and it hasn't changed much in essentials since we began writing them down.
When we're not writing, we might be hiking (which often means we're discussing the writing). Liz edits two fanzines (c. 300 circulation) so is always writing reviews of fantasy and horror books and films, and Louise leaves her to it and plays the flute.

Coming next:
Our process of writing (back and forth - one writes, the other re-drafts) usually means we have three works on the go at once (Liz's current, Louise's current, and the one in one or other inbox). We expect; 
"Therion", the sequel to "Jethabel", to be out in August 2013
"The Chapel in the Wasteland", the further adventures of Keldaren, in early 2014. 
"Stealing Salt", an unconnected YA fantasy, in late 2014
By which time we may have another short-story collection due.  

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