The Abbey at the World's End" is a science-fantasy (ie. it's set in a futuristic world, but the characters of the Tren Theocracy are religious and superstitious with ghosts, demons and goddesses all making an appearance). It concerns a thief called Keldaren, who sets out to steal a reliquary of the Goddess in order to summon the ghost of a long-dead witch, and runs afoul of a demon-assassin in the process. With her friends being hunted and her boyfriend going straight, Kel has to discover if Missra's ghost can help before she herself ends up on the pyre.


"Jethabel" concerns events in the Alliance, an agnostic, pragmatic, space-faring nation currently losing a war with the Tren Theocracy. The crew of the Eleisus are pulling out of Sheraton system with the Tren armada close on their stern, and a lot of bloody defeats behind them. Ahead is the wreck of an alien ship, that may hold the technology to strike back at the Tren, but may also be deadly.


"The Harpers" is a collection of short stories scattered across the sci-fi, fantasy and horror genres.

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