Marketing is by far one of the hardest things to do. So we will start easy.

What becomes a must:

Facebook Fan page

This allows all your fans to interact with you, on a regular basis. I personally find facebook a very effective tool. Fan’s that love you’re work want to know what your up to, and what you have been doing. 

Facebook also gives the option to pay for promotion – I did it recently just to see how effective it is. So I spent 16.00 euro on promoting my book tour event and so far 140 have added themselves to my event but also have liked my fan page. Will this increase sales? I don’t know. Will they really turn up to the event? that I don’t know either. But my Book tour for Eden Forest starts 8th April 2013, so I will see then and update everyone. 

Twitter – I am unsure if this is a great sales tool, it’s  more like just getting the word out on what you’re doing. I have over 1,000 followers do they hang on my last word, hmmm no, they only thing I like about twitter is that your followers will re-tweet for you and that is what becomes effective. I would tweet about three times a day, not always but that is my objective. Tweets come in so fast yours will be buried under everyone else’s. So just to make sure I have been heard I tweet three times a day about the exact same thing. 

Website – This by far I find the most powerful tool. A good structured website. It’s not enough just to set one up, but you must keep it updated and fresh. 

Also to join Goodreads and enlist as an author. This brings your book into the spot-light of countless readers. There are groups on Goodreads that will give tips and tricks for marketing also. I recently reviewed an author’s book, and was horrified to see it wasn’t on Goodreads. I wouldn’t mind it was outstanding. So I added it for her four people have added her book to their list, of books to read. It really shows that Goodreads, is affective, that’s four more people that know about this author. 

Blogging:  The worst thing you could do is this – “Buy my book out now”, I don’t want to see that, and nobody does, I will just ignore this blog as it holds no interest for me. But what does – be creative and most of all have fun. For my own book I blog once a week about a fact. Example: my book is set in medieval times so therefore only candles where used. So I would blog a fact about how candles where made in medieval times, and then associate it back to my back at the end of the post. Every time I do this I get three new followers as opposed to screaming about my book. Also get visual, Pinterest is a great place to start. Pin pictures that are associated with your story.