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'Control' is a paranormal romance, about three lives that are thrown together in a desperate battle where love and lust are the catalysts that release a blood voodoo curse so dark that it could alter their destiny, as well as time itself. 


After spending three stale, miserable years in a neuroscience doctoral program, Cecelia Milonas throws caution to the wind and walks out; right into the arms of the man who has had the starring role in her panty-melting fantasies for over three years. 

Andre St. Clair had never shown any romantic interest in Cecelia or anyone else, so she had resigned herself to the role of fangirl and very willing employee, since moving to New Orleans and into the apartment above his restaurant. Cecelia thinks that their relationship is a fantasy come true, but neither are prepared for a desire that burns hot enough to ignite a hatred, long thought dead.

As if one gorgeous man and deathly struggle aren't enough, in walks Lance Bradley, with whom she has some kind of freaky-deaky, psychic-hotline connection that is determined to pull them together no matter who gets torn apart in the process.

So, nothing is easy in The Big Easy, where the past and the present are caught up in a struggle so dangerous and deadly that it's changing destiny, and possibly time itself.

Author's Note: 

Let me say right away, Control is not like other Paranormal Romance novels. You are not going to be given a crash course on New Orleans voodoo while you watch the main characters muddle through magical mishaps, fight deadly enemies with mad jujitsu skills, or fall madly in love because they have great sex. Sorry to disappoint...no, actually I'm not.

Don't get your panties in a twist; I promise there will be magic, voodoo, love, and of course, hot monkey sex. There is always hot monkey sex. However, that isn't why you should read this book. 

This is why: I like to read and write about things that make me laugh, even in serious moments. I love action, interactions, and drama. I like my characters to have character, and I don't want them to be made of words; I want the characters to burst forth in my mind, I want to be a part of the story, and I want to wish it would never end. I want them to struggle internally as well as externally, and dammit, I want a plot to develop to fruition. I want you to have it too...

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