With an interest in the paranormal as well as science, Poeltl has found his stride in developing stories which both instill a sense of wonder in the spiritual world while often referencing science and its hard fought principles as the paranormal’s greatest advocate. 
For Her Past’s Present Poeltl lived several lives in order to understand the process of past life regression and the deep connection a person can experience in re-living lives they’d never known in this life; suffering trauma from those lives 
which have travelled with him through his present incarnation. Approaching the experience with an open mind and analyzing triggers in this life which could be blamed on a past life events is a perfect example of Poeltl’s love of both the visceral and ethereal.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Michael Poeltl earned his diploma in Interpretive Illustration and began a career in the field while educating himself on the art of writing. 

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