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Patricia Renard Scholes

Because of the economy, I was forced to go on early retirement.  

But sometimes what we think is a problem becomes our greatest blessing.  I finally had time to write.  I wrote articles for a local newspaper.  I blogged.  I began and ended several websites…and I dusted off the stories and books I was going to publish “someday” and began the work of turning them into books.

During this time, because I wasn’t ready to quit the things I loved, instead of being a counselor for at-risk youth, I became a foster parent for them.  These were tough boys, straight from various institutions, but ready to transition out into the real world.

During that time I published four books.

Surviving Hard Times – A Livingbook is a how-to book of accumulated knowledge on how to stay healthy and thrive even when the economy doesn’t.

I AM – The Words Jesus Said About Himself answers the question, “Who does Jesus say he is?”

The Fox and Abd al-Qadir is my great-great-grandfather’s story of how he survived the Third Jihad.  He was one of the few Europeans to survive as a prisoner of war of Abd al-Qadir and he not only took back French-owned Algeria, but fully intended to take over Europe as well.

But my baby, my first-born sci-fi novel is Her Darkest Beauty, the first book in the Lorekeeper of the Tapestry series.  The second book is due to come out very soon.

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