L.K. Malone
As a girl, Karra Willo saw her father executed by the aliens who invaded her homeland, simply for preserving the literature of her people. She watched, helpless, as her family was driven to poverty. Her brother Jem turned to the Homelander Front, a resistance organization, then she sold herself into prostitution, servicing the hated Nevians. The Nevians brought with them another form of alien, without corporeal form. The Moloch thrive by exploiting the minds and emotions of victims whose suffering and hatred make them easy prey. Karra becomes host to such a creature and it seduces her to kill, then threatens her precious, innocent daughter Chalatta. Now, wanted for murder, Karra must risk everything to gain freedom, not just for herself, but for her daughter, who is not yet tainted by the bleak realities of a world enslaved by aliens. 

Patricia Scholes is a friend of mine, a counselor and a minister whose prayers reach the heavens and change things. She works with young people who have endured trials most of us can't imagine. I met her first as a writer, and her stories have always intrigued, challenged and entertained me. I was one of the first readers to enjoy this story in its early development, and I got to reread it more recently when it was nearing its final draft. It's rare that I find a story interesting enough to keep me riveted for a second read, but I was thoroughly entertained both times. Serious fantasy fans 13 and up will enjoy this, though parents may want to read along with younger teens so that they can discuss the more mature themes. Don't look for this to read as "Christian allegory;" the worldview is fine, but this is meant for a wider readership; the message is redemptive without being "religious."
Carol Nicolas
Her Darkest Beauty is an interesting book. Patricia created a dystopian kind of world where humans have been conquered by aliens, but they are still yearning and fighting for freedom. Karra is a complex and troubled main character whose love for her daughter is the one good thing in her life. She is overcome by an evil being, trapped into choices and roles she doesn't want, and in the path of danger almost all the time. She has had a terrible life, and her lack of trust reflects that. I kept hoping something good would happen to her. By the end of the story, some light begins to creep into her life, and I am looking forward to the next book to see what will happen next.

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