Frozen emotions thaw as purpose springs to life. It was not his ambitious conquest of the world that impassioned him, but the dead-end of a now broken delusion. After eons of eternal life, King Deathenor yearns to undo the bargain he struck with the Devil in exchange for ultimate power. He craves to redeem his shattered soul.

Summoned by the awakening of a dusty theory, he contemplates trespassing into hell to relinquish the contract he signed with blood. Everything is at stake. Failure is not an option. If he prevails, death after corresponded love shall be his greatest triumph.

Editorial Reviews (Reader's Favorite):

★★★★★ "...Paul A. Wunderlich creates a beautifully written and enchanting short story that is a reflection of man's desire for power at any cost, only to realize what a hollow victory it is without love. I would love to see Mr. Wunderlich apply his superb writing skills to a full length novel."

- Stefan Vucak/Readers' Favorite

★★★★★ "...Taut and brooding, Wunderlich's dark fantasy novella, Eternal Redemption grabs the reader from the first tortured view of Deathenor and keeps that grip tight until the final sentence. While Wunderlich's tale is categorized as young adult fiction, it is, to my mind, full-fledged adult dark fantasy that is at the same time a stunning psychological thriller. This is a deeply introspective and brooding tale that somehow manages to span decades, emotions, and realms within a surprisingly short format. I'll be reading Eternal Redemption again soon, as there's so much more to discover, I suspect, within this tale. Wunderlich's Eternal Redemption is remarkable, powerful and very dark, and I highly recommend it."

- Jack Magnus/Readers' Favorite

★★★★★ "...In Eternal Redemption, Wunderlich has cleverly woven a tale of fantasy intertwined with reality. It's a strange kind of story, but one that has an underlying message - one that warns you to be careful what you wish for, to stop and think before you strike any deal. Paul has a real way with words and his story drew me in skilfully, making me want to read to the very end and find out what happened. I guarantee that anyone who reads this will not put it down until it's finished and, like me, will be left wanting more." 

- Anne-Marie Reynolds/Readers' Favorite


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