What can I say .... we booked a trailer, not really knowing what to expect... but wow, Aoife far surpassed our expectations. She didn't randomly pick out couples or video clips, she read our story and after doing so literally brought it to life, even parts of the book which in the trailer would be insignificant, in the book they were so much more! Very very happy with our trailer, aoife is a lovely lady to work with,we will be using  her again! And recommending her to all of my friends ~ L&J Wells Authors of Perfect Imperfections 
"I first discovered Ultimate Fantasy Books when I entered their book cover competition earlier this year. I was lucky enough to win the competition and received a prize of a two-week blog tour and publicity for my book. Sales increased and I was so impressed with the results and their friendly, efficient professionalism, that I purchased a book trailer. The trailer is amazing and has significantly helped to showcase my Afterlife series, increasing sales and discoverability.
I’ll be working with Ultimate Fantasy Books in the future and unreservedly recommend their services – you won’t be disappointed.
Deb McEwan
Multi-genre Indie Author"
"Ultimate Fantasy Books (UFB) does an excellent job of getting your book exposure.  For a fraction of the cost of some other tours, you will have your book out there for sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts and have tremendous support from your tour organizer. There is a very personal feel to interacting with UFB and for beginners no question is left unanswered.  That is one of the key benefits of UFB being author-run.  The staff at UFB have been there before and know what needs to be done to get the most out of a blog tour.

UFB's response time is phenomenal, the service is easily worth more than twice the cost, and you get one-on-one communication with the tour organizer every step of the way. I highly recommend booking a tour with UFB and would personally be thrilled to work with them again." ~ Brett Armstrong Author of Day Moon
This was great for a publicity boost. So few people are willing to help indie authors, this is one of those lights in the darkness they often talk about. Whoever 'they' are.  ~ Ash Gray ~ Author of The Thieves of Nottica
I was fortunate enough to have a book blog tour organised by Ultimate Fantasy Books - everything was set up very professionally with plenty of notice so I could organise my own promotion of the tour. Aoife was available to answer all my queries and help out with anything I wasn't sure about. Each stop of the tour looked fantastic and it was a great feeling to connect with so many other bloggers, readers & writers. This was the first time I've ever participated in a book blog tour and I'm sure I'll be doing it again. ~ Claire Buss Author of The Gaia Effect
Being an indie author, I have to wear many hats. This can be extremely daunting, especially when in the mist of a book tour, but I quickly learned that is not the case when working with such pros as Ultimate Fantasy Books. They were on top of every step involved and were not only communicating with me, through the whole process, but all bloggers involved! Will I use their services again? Absolutely! And I highly recommend them for any other hard working author, cause they will work just as hard as you do.
Author, India R. Adams

When my first book was published a few years ago, I was new to the publishing world. I had no clue what I needed to do, as an author, to promote and share my book with others. I realized fast it was a journey unlike none I could have imagined. As the months went by and my second book was published, I noticed book tours were what blogs loved to do. It was a way for authors to have their books showcased on a wider view. I had wanted to do this. Unfortunately being a one income family I had to depend on my book sales for money to put back into the advertising. It was hard for me to find a reasonably priced company that would do what I expected. Seeing Ultimate Fantasy Books on Goodreads and reading posts on Google+ helped me make my decision. When book three was published, I decided to take the next step in advertising and have my book placed in a tour.

The moment I sent you the information about my book and you decided to host the tour, I knew it was the right move. When I read the blog posts, reviews, spotlights and interviews it made me realize I made a great decision. Having so many blogs volunteer to be part of the tour gave me hope for the future. I had doubts about my abilities as an author and they showed me I do have fans out there. I just have to reach them. 

Ultimate Fantasy Book Tours was wonderful. I appreciate the hard work and the exposure you brought to me and my books. It is a journey I would happily do again. And a company I would greatly recommend to another.

Thank you, Aoife and Ultimate Fantasy Books, for a wonderful week!

Tonya Coffey
With Fantasy Book's blog tour, I reached an audience specifically tuned into my genre. I gained and kept over 20 Twitter followers, appeared on 26 blogs, and was tweeted and retweeted over a 100 times! Everyone was cordial, and the reviews were honest, providing welcomed feedback. Plus, it boosted my reviews by over 200%! I'm already planning on getting the sequel, Grimm Remains, on a tour in April! My paranormal romance, Aisling, too when it comes out!  - Author Eli Celata ~ High Summons
Ultimate Fantasy Books provided a wonderful blog tour. I cannot recommend this company enough. Aoife was organized, professional, and kept me informed every step of the way. On top of that, my book received a lot of exposure, including blog interviews, reviews, excerpts, and more. I would gladly use her services again.  ~ Author Tiffany Current ~ My Maker's Keeper

I was deeply impressed by the professional services offered by Ultimate Fantasy Books. There was constant communication leading up to and during the tour, so I always felt like I knew what was expected and what I could expect in return, which is so important for an author who is already scrambling during those stressful pre-launch moments. I would wholeheartedly recommend UFB to any authors considering their first or hundredth book tour, and will happily work with them again in the future ~ G.A.Rael ~ Boy Meet's Witch
Thanks so much to Aoife and Ultimate Fantasy Books for a wonderful blog tour. I gained a few Amazon reviews and a ton of exposure for my novel. The tour ended over a week ago, and my Amazon.com Sales Rank is still improved. I highly recommend UFB's services. ~ Carissa Lusk Author of After the fall
I recently used Ultimate Fantasy Books to organize a book tour for my book, Hell Holes: What Lurks Below. Communication was good. The tour was well run and great in terms of number of spotlights, interviews, and reviews. I was pleased with the exposure and am looking forward to using them to run a similar tour for the second book in the series.~ Donald Firesmith Author of Hell Holes

I recently had Ultimate Fantasy Books develop the trailer for my book, Hell Holes: What Lurks Below. They were very helpful, promptly addressing my concerns and recommendations. I am especially pleased that they were willing to keep iterating the trailer until we got a finished product I was proud of. This is much better than some of their competitors, which severely limit the number of changes you are allowed to make, thereby resulting in a very generic trailer. Ultimate Fantasy Books takes a much more practical and professional approach that resulted in a superior product.~ Donald Firesmith Author of Hell Holes

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