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Three things that amazed me about this book was firstly the world building ~ from the opening scene to the end the author has left me in awe of his skill to create unusual and magical places. I can’t find anything to compare it too, Lord of the Rings comes to mind initially but it is too bland compared to the world that Author Aaron James Holland creates. Game of throne seems more accurate but once again it didn’t come close to the magical aspect of this world. To recreate for TV would be amazing a bit like seeing harry potter for the first time.

The second thing I loved about this book was the writing; at times it was almost poetic. Caz one of the High Elves really had a way with words, he spoke in riddles, and at times I wanted to strangle him but the overall effect of the writing left me enjoying every single word.

And finally the story, that had so many amazing characters, who were developed so well by the author.

Locke Trueheart is the main person and to me one of my favourite Characters in this story.  He’s a human prince but his magical abilities have never been seen before, he faces the most darkness throughout the story and heart ache.  His love story with the Dark Elf Lady Elindra is different yet it holds great value to the story. I just hope in book two that these two are reunited, I don’t want to give away too much but their future isn’t bright by the end of Book one.

My second favourite character would definitely be Narseria – the pale man, his story is intriguing as he doesn’t know who he is but as Tarlana finds him unconscious on the shore line and brings him back to health, he soon starts to display amazing abilities. Once again with this love story the ending in book one left me a little annoyed with Narseria, but I’m still rooting for him and Tarlana in Book two.

I also loved Aaradin who is also a human but with amazing magical abilities and he is being trained by Caz who I also loved. The opening scene of Aaradin bringing the city above water was stunning.

Throughout the story we meet so many magical creatures.

Orcs, Dragons, Trolls and Dark Elf’s, giants and dwarves, Elf’s of light, humans.  The one I hate the most of course goes to Lord Obsidius and it mostly shows how evil he is as we move closer to the end of the book.  The story is only warming up for a battle that will be like no other.

I am also very intrigued to find out what happens with the Giants of Tyrius and who they will stand with.

Overall this story was one of love, war and loyalty. I would highly recommend it to all Lord of the Rings and Game of Throne lovers. It’s an epic fantasy tale that’s only beginning.


I hate. I thought I hated before the letter, before the werewolves, but now I understand that was nothing more than a chip on my shoulder. The urbat took what was mine. They will pay.

Isabelle leads a very normal life...for an emotional syphon. If not for Ethan and his bar, she would have lost her sanity long ago. But everything changes with the crash of her fighting cage and a man who transforms into a wolf. There’s something about Carlos—when he’s not growling at her—that makes her do things she wouldn’t normally do, like sigh and daydream.

Attraction aside, she is faced with the very real evidence that werewolves and urbat exist, and the urbat are after her. And the only way she can keep Ethan safe is to join with the werewolves and Carlos. It’s a race against time to stop a war, fight for love, and find the last Judgement.




About this author

Melissa Haag currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband and three children. Touch is her first published novel. She is currently working on book three of a separate five book series. To learn more about her upcoming projects, visit her at:

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Review for (Dis)content

Star Rating: 5 stars



This is the fifth instalment of the judgement of six. Each book is as outstanding as the other. I have read all five and they haven't disappointed. I just love this author. Melissa has a true gift of crafting strong female characters; there is no damsel in distress in the Judgement of six books. They may not all be fighters but they are strong willed women, shaped from the harsh life’s they have been given.

Isabelle is definitely the strongest as in she can kick some serious butt. I love her fight against Carlos it had me giggling the whole way through the book, she gave us the perfect balance of resistance and giving in at times where I just needed her to show Carlos affection.

Now moving onto Carlos, I love the silent type, the ones we can't read, but when Carlos lets his guard down wow does it blow us away. But once again as I have said through each five books there is no-one like Clay he is my everything, the other guys are amazing but Clay just takes the silent type to a whole new level.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves werewolves, paranormal stories, strong female leads, and overprotective men. 

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