Interview with Robert Lawrence by Aoife Marie Sheridan 

Question: What have you published recently?

Knightfall – Book 1 of the Chronicle of Benjamin Knight.  It tells the story of a fifteen year old genius who is transported to another world where intrigue and danger lie a every turn.


Question: How, and when, did you decide to become a writer?

I have always written stories as long as I could write, they just grew longer and more interesting as I got older.  My current book was started nearly twenty years ago and only recently completed.


Question: Where can we find your published writing?

Currently available on Amazon in kindle and paperback format as well as through my website


Question: What is a typical day like for you as a writer?

After dropping my daughter off at school, I hit the gym for an hour then come home and start.  I tend to spend around an hour doing some marketing work and then crack on with my writing for five or six hours if I can.  I'm often to be found at the computer in the evenings and weekends too when I just need to get an important sequence down.


Question: What are your favourite characters that you have created? Tell us about them

I have two in my current book.  The first is Carl son-of-Joseph, who is my favourite mainly because he is based on my dad.  He is a good, solid and dependable man who will do anything and everything to protect those he cares about.  He has never been interested in the leadership role. But he's not afraid to tell those in charge when they mess it up, and how they can make it right.

The second is Catrina daughter-of-Ellabelle,  sister to the leader of the traders who feature prominently in the book.  Early on she loses everything, quite literally, and falls into a worsening spiral of hatred and revenge.  I think I like her so much because I know how she will develop in books two and three and how she will find redemption and finally peace.


Question: do you find you “mentally edit” other writers’ works as you read them? Does doing this help you or bother you?

I really dislike the editing process so no, I try to avoid that if all possible.  I read other writers' works for the story, so if I am enjoying the story I just get on with the reading and my brain must block out any bits it doesn't like (for grammatical reasons or whatever).

Question: What music do you listen to, while writing?

Usually none, I like it to be quiet of I find I concentrate on the music or something else instead of what I am doing.  I also like to pace and talk to myself, playing the roles of characters in conversation to try and make it sound right.


Question: What do you eat while writing?

Junk, junk and more junk.  It's mainly biscuits and sweets, things I can nibble at without taking my hands from the keyboard for too long.


Five for Fun:

What is your favourite non-alcoholic drink? 

Coffee – my brain really doesn't function without it.


What is your favourite cartoon character?

Mordecai and Rigby (from Regular Show).


What is your favourite movie of all time?

Tough one, used to be The Crow (it has everything a movie needs) but now I'm not sure, ask me my favourite ten?


What do you like to do for fun or just to relax?

I like to play airsoft when I can,or kill things on my xbox.


Question: Where can we find you on the web?


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