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 Jhahnahkan has returned from the outer rim on a mission to find allies to help them with their failing war with the Zelinites. He has been given the honor of a seat on the high council next to his power hungry and jealous brother. Every council member has taken possession of a power crystal, only found on Ackturra. These power crystals give the user special abilities, but Jhahnahkan senses that there is something about them that doesn't seem right.

Jhahnahkan must discover the hidden secrets in order to overcome the evil that is upon them. Will he uncover the Secret of the Crystal before his evil brother takes over the high council and launches genocide on the Zelinites? Brian Larson dramatically depicts a magical world in this epic story of good versus evil. Join Jhahnahkan in the amazing adventure of Secret of the Crystal.

Where can I purchase this book?

Secret of the Crystal 

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