Tony Benson.

Author Bio

I was born in the year lasers were invented, the word aerospace was first coined and the world’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1, burned up in the Earth’s atmosphere, after three months in orbit. It was also the year Michael Jackson, Andrea Bocelli and Madonna were born, Elvis Presley joined the army and the De Havilland Comet was the first airline to fly a jet passenger service across the Atlantic. They must have seen me coming, because the first UK motorway was opened to traffic when I was less than two months old. A year later the first patent was filed for the integrated circuit.

My father was an electronics engineer. He saw the invention of the laser and the transistor.

I was born in Slough, but we soon moved, and I was brought up in Ryarsh, a little village in Kent. Living in the country was a whole different thing in those days before mobile phones and supermarkets, when most people expected to travel by foot, bicycle, bus or train.

I went on to have a successful career in engineering spanning three decades. Eventually I decided corporate life wasn’t for me and went solo, creating a business from my long time hobby of making stringed instruments, complementing this with my technical authoring services, creating written content for specialist applications.

Throughout this whole time, from school days to today I have written. I’ve written diaries, journals, technical documentation, stories and books. Writing has always been a passion for me.

An Accident of Birth is my first novel.


An Accident of Birth


Twenty-year-old Francesca was born with a rare gift – fertility. In a polluted society, the government imprisons and forces her to breed children for the infertile masses. She has waited four long years for her boyfriend Dominic to rescue her. Now desperate, he hires a black market rescuer.

Baron Drake is a fertile who has escaped the government’s clutches and thrives on exploiting others. Deciding he wants Francesca for himself, he turns on the charm to gain Francesca’s favour.

What follows is a fierce struggle between the sensitive, caring Dominic and the ruthless Baron Drake to free her and win her love. And the baron will stop at nothing – not even mass murder – to expand his criminal empire.