Book Title: Target Earth

Author Name: Mary Louise Davie

Genre: Science Fiction /Fantasy

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It’s a new day on Earth in the twenty-third century, and an awestruck public is witnessing the stunning arrival of what looks like a lunar lander in Washington, D.C. Called in for their scientific and linguistic expertise, husband and wife team Danny and Chris Marama wait eagerly to meet the alien visitors, whose spacecraft now rests in the American president’s Rose Garden. When two space-suited beings emerge, they surprise exo-linguist Danny by speaking English, among other languages, as they disclose their agenda: to explore Earth’s technology and return to their home planet with it.


Accompanying them is a prestigious assignment Danny is only too happy to take on. What she doesn’t discover until later is their secret agenda, much more sinister and life-changing for Danny, Chris, and the entire human race. And both Danny and Chris must choose: loyalty to Earth, whose leaders may be targeting their own people for death, or to the alien race—and life.






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Born in rural Scotch Plains New Jersey (or at least it was - progress?) Now in very rural West Milford NJ (Bears and all!) A background as a chemist, then in Information Technology, with an English Teacher for a mother and a musician for a father - all the ingredients necessary for a Hard Science Fiction writer.


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 Reviewer: Amanda

Star rating: 5 stars


Target Earth is a futuristic science fiction novel. That’s told through the perspective of Dr.Danielle and Dr. Christian. They are the chosen who try to understand why aliens have come to earth, and the Aliens come in the form of Ishmael and Rudy who are just like us.  

This book for me goes deeper than just another science fiction novel, it really brings to the surface the fight of humanity in a moral perspective. How we have advanced yet haven’t in this world, and when man has too much power how destructive we can truly be.  The technology personally for me blow me away and I feel that Author Mary Louise Davie did a lot of research on this book. Her descriptive writing of the settings is also something that I applaud.


Overall a very well written book. One I truly enjoyed. I would recommend this book to all science fiction readers.